Gaming Headphone

  • Brand:    BEATSOUL
  • Type:    PS-007
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1.Plug Model : USB/RCA/Ф2.5mm    

2.Speaker diameter:Ф40mm               
3.Speaker Impedance:32Ω                 
4.Speaker Frequency response: 20Hz - 20KHz       
5.Speaker Sensitivity:115dB±3dB            
6.Noise Level:≤-78dBA
7.Dynamic range:≥78 dBA
9.Stereo crosstalk:≤-49 dBA
10.Microphone Specification:6*5mm                   
11.Microphone Sensitivity : -58dB                
12.Microphone Directivity: Omni directional 
13.Microphone Impedance:≤2.2KΩ             
14.Microphone Frequency response : 50Hz - 15KHz
15.Headphones Wire Length:3M /0.5M 
Features : For PS3/ XBOX360/ WII / Mac/ PC with game & chat functions game background voice all can send through headphones, easily adjustment volume, support the mainstream operating system, bass 
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